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Solid or Melange?

Solid means pure colored fabric; Melange means two-tone fabric.

Solid seamless knitting fabric

Solid Fabric

Seamless knitting fabric with pure colors, we suggest a thickness within 330-420GSM for sportswear, and 220-330GSM for underwear.

Melange Fabric

Two-tone melange style. Please drop down the page to see more information about melange fabrics.

Melange seamless knitting fabric

Which Melange Style Do You Prefer?

Please don’t care about the color, just pay attention to the effect and particle size of hemp spots. Color won’t be a problem. We can dye any color for you according to the color card or Pan Tong color number.

ECHT Melange Fabric
NO.1 Melange E

350-410GSM Thickness

BOANDTEE Melange fabric
NO.2 Melange B

330-400GSM Thickness

Gymshark melange fabric
NO.3 Melange G

340-400GSM Thickness

NVGTN melange fabric
NO.4 Melange N

300--380GSM Thickness, used by NVGTN

What inspiration can
seamless knitting fabric bring?