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Who is Seamless Clothing Manufacturer?

Seamless clothing manufacturers are the factories that specialized in seamless apparel production, wholesaling made with the seamless circular knitting machine. They are mostly located in China, Turkey, Itally, etc.

What is Seamless Clothing?

Seamless Clothing is a one-step garment produced by a special Seamless Circular Knitting Machine.

It is the principle of seamless clothes production to make a three-dimensional curved surface by using a fixed Tube Diameter and invariable Number of Needles, as well as changes in structure and raw materials.

Different from the garments manufactured by cutting and sewing ordinary knitted or woven fabrics, the torso parts of seamless apparel other than limbs are generally not cut and sewed, or only a little cut and sewed.

From yarn to ready-made apparel, the production of seamless clothing makes the neck, waist, buttocks, and other parts without seams, integrating comfort, consideration, and fashion.

A powerful seamless activewear manufacturer supporting behind:

SANTONI top-level seamless knitting machines
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Why Choose Us as Your Seamless Apparel Manufacturers

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Ensure that every Apparel that arrives at the client's hands is a top-class product that has passed the quality inspection.

3 Tracking Reports of Production

Make the delivery time & manufacturing progress under your control. 3 Tracking Reports sent to your mailbox during the production process.

BSCI & SCOPE Certificated

The process of any international certificate is an inspection and promotion of our factory, and we are fully capable of passing most of them.

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Starts from 100-200pcs/color/size, all we want to do is support you to develop faster!

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22 Yrs' Top-notch Technology

Cooperating with many large brands in the world, familiar with yarn materials, fabrics, production skills.

Seamless Clothing Production Flow

How to make seamless clothing? Different from ordinary clothing, seamless knitted clothing is not simply cutting and sewing fabrics. The mass production of seamless clothing consists of drawing, weaving, dyeing, cutting, sewing, ironing and packaging.

Program Making on Computer

Computer program making

Program Making on Computer

Knitting on Seamless Circular Machines

Seamless clothing production flow-knitting on seamless knitting machines

Knitting on Seamless Circular Machines


Seamless garment production flow- dyeing process


Cutting & Sewing

Seamless clothing manufacturing- Sewing line

Cutting & Sewing


Seamless clothing production process- Ironing


Final Cheking & Packaging

Seamless clothing manufacturing process- Packaging

Final Cheking & Packaging

What Kind of Seamless Clothing Manufacturer
are You Going to Cooperate With?

YOU SEAMLESS has a mature & standardized Production & Customer Service System to satisfy your OEM, ODM demands.

What They Say About Working With Us:

"We want you to revise the goods quality of the other suppliers in China. We trust your quality mark."
"And we want everything to be as good as your production."
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Seamless Clothing Factory's Knitting/ Weaving Workshop

seamless circular machine

110 Most Advanced Seamless Knitting Machines

To help in supplying our clients with top-quality seamless clothing, YOU SEAMLESS purchases top-notch branded seamless circular knitting machines like SANTONI to make even complicated designs.

YOU SEAMLESS has more than 110 of the best high-capacity devices for effective and constant production. 

In order to ensure the timely and stable delivery of each client’s order, the weaving workshop adopts the working system of 24 hours, two shifts, and three operation.

The weaving workshop occupies more than 3,000 square meters on the ground, and sufficient production capacity ensures the infinite possibility of output.

Large-scale Factory, But Smaller Minimum Order Quantity

YOU SEAMLESS has a strong after-sales & technician team that assists us to provide top-notch products & services. Take a look at the massive collection of brand new wholesale seamless clothing pieces from our updating brochure, and get them in interesting deals and affordable bulk rates to be easy on your pocket.

In the meantime, YOU SEAMLESS put more energy into bespoke & custom seamless clothing for EUROPE, U.S.A, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK, UAE, SAUDI ARABIA Clients. We have actually come a long way in developing ourselves as one of the very best seamless garment manufacturers in China & all over the world. We have actually effectively curated a special clothes collection that possesses design along with efficiency.

We are here to assist bridge the gap in between merchants and consumers by using the very best collection of customized seamless clothing wholesale that are created with comprehensive practical qualities.

Seamless clothing knitting workshop

The minimum order quantity of seamless apparel usually should be at least 300-1000pieces per color per size for each design, especially for most of the large-scaled factories. But YOU SEAMLESS has the ability to support & make at even lower MOQ, just contact our sales team!

YOU SEAMLESS, as the popular wholesale seamless clothing manufacturer has a big collection of stylish seamless activewear clothes that you can not manage to miss out on. We have a substantial stock of seamless activewear that is specifically developed for males and women with a fondness for performance and design. We have a special collection of specialized seamless knitting items like seamless workout leggings,  sustainable activewear, yoga clothing, fitness clothing that breathes of efficiency, eye-grabbing ratio and are a great mix of the very best in all departments- be it quality, size, color, trendiness, and more. Our ever-broadening collections of exercise garments will absolutely impress you and your clients.

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How to Find Seamless Clothing Manufacturers?

Whether you have currently owned a shop or are thinking about opening your own seamless activewear wholesale line, you must think about a concern: Where and How to find seamless clothing factories? Here are our suggestions.

Wholesale Seamless Clothing Supplier from china

1, Purchase From Local Factories: Going into the marketplace permits you to satisfy straight with providers, see the quality, and touch and feel the item. In the market, you will discover a number of exceptional suppliers in the “drop-in” or momentary cubicle area. These varieties consist of clothes, devices, shoes, and present providers. Every market has a sector of this type, simply select the classification you desire.

2, Purchase from China’s Wholesale Market: If you purchase a huge need, China’s wholesale market appears to be an excellent option, for instance, Canton reasonable exhibit, nevertheless, impacted by the break out, this technique has less useful if you wish to purchase the budget-friendly and good quality clothes, you can likewise purchase online and discover an online platform to establish your wholesale physical fitness clothing providers.

3, Online Purchase Wholesale A few of the more popular online platforms are LA Display room, OrangeShine, Tundra, and Faire. All of these platforms serve various corners of the marketplace, so discover the one that works finest for you. Each of these platforms is a little various in regards to who they serve, however they all have excellent options and special terms.

4, Usage Online Search Engine Another thing you can attempt is to Google “seamless clothing manufacturer“. Google rewards continuously upgraded sites. You need to browse deep on pages 5 or 6 to discover any helpful details. All of us understand that the very first couple of pages are most likely marketing, not in fact running a site.

5, Usage Social Network: Facebook, Linkin Quora You can go over clothing on social networks, or wholesale clothing. Post some concerns you might have about clothes production, and perhaps a clothes supplier will address your concerns. In addition, these social platforms currently have a wealth of info for you to check out and reference, and it’s simple to discover individuals who wish to share their understanding with you.

What material or fabrics does seamless clothing factory
use to make seamless wear?

The fabric of seamless clothing is usually made of two or more kinds of yarns interwoven through seamless weaving. Here we introduce five commonly used yarn materials, but they are definitely not limited to these five.

1, Cotton.

The permeability, comfort and environmental protection of cotton are irreplaceable by other materials, so we will add a certain proportion of cotton to many products. But now the industry is very developed. Often, there is no cotton in our seamless thermal underwear, but nylon, spandex, polyester and other blended fibers are used.

2, Nylon.

Also called Polyamind or Polyaminde fabre, many customers only write the abbreviation PA.

3, Polyester.

Polyester is the most widely used synthetic fiber in the world, surpassing acrylic fiber. Many of our commonly used common polyester only write abbreviated PET or PL.

Polyester is usually blended with other fibers, and a certain percentage of polyester fibers written on many garments are actually polyester. Because the amount of polyester fabric is relatively large, they don’t want ordinary people to think this is a low-grade thing. Sometimes customers also specify high-grade polyester. The high-grade polyester commonly used in our company is a brand of DuPont, called Coolmax.

4, Spandex.

This is a polyurethane fiber Elastane fiber. The names of commodities are Lycra (Lycra, USA, UK, The Netherlands, Canada, Brazil), Neolon (Neolon, Japan), Rastan (Dorlastan, Germany), etc.

Lycra is commonly used in our company. Lycra, spandex yarn, polyester spandex, is a brand of Dupont company. Lycra fiber is a magical material. LYCRA can be freely elongated by 4 to 7 times and quickly returns to its original length after the external force is released. Some of our self-cultivation series include Lycra’s ingredients. The high elastic fiber mentioned in our domestic sales promotion refers to this kind of material.

5, Viscose fiber.

Such as matte silk, viscose, rayon, rayon, artificial wool, etc. Among them, the most famous one is Modal fiber, which is the cellulose regenerated fiber of high wet modulus viscose fiber developed by Lenzing Company of Austria. The raw material of this fiber is European beech, which is first made into wood pulp and then processed into fiber by a special spinning process.

6, Polypropylene fiber.

Polypropylene PP is the Chinese trade name for isotactic polypropylene fiber, a synthetic fiber made from propylene, a by-product of petroleum refining, which is also called polypropylene fiber.

Polypropylene has the following characteristics:

  • The vertical plane is straight and smooth;
  • The density is light, only 0.91g/cm3;
  • High strength, excellent elasticity and good wear resistance;
  • Wet strength is basically equal to dry strength, which is an ideal material for making fishing nets and cables;
  • Moisture absorption and perspiration are obvious;
  • Poor dyeing property;
  • Corrosion resistance, but poor light resistance, poor thermal stability, easy aging, not resistant to ironing;
  • High strength, second only to nylon, but the price is much lower than it. The fabric made of polypropylene fiber has stable size and good wear resistance. Therefore, polypropylene fiber is often used to weave carpets.
What machines are needed for
the production of seamless Clothing?

In recent years, with the transfer of the world textile layout to Asia and China, more and more factories in China are engaged in the production of seamless knitwear, and the domestic seamless garment market has great potential, whether for domestic sales or foreign trade processing. Seamless circular knitting machine is a special equipment used to produce seamless clothing.

Seamless knitting products are disposable forming fabrics produced by special forming knitting equipment-seamless knitting machine, which can make underwear, swimwear, sportswear and other products. The world’s first seamless knitting machine was successfully developed by Italy Sheng GE Company in 1984. At that time, Sheng GE, as the main manufacturer of seamless knitting equipment in the world, once had a rivalry with Santoni Company.

Custom Seamless Clothing Manufacturers

However, since 1997, due to equipment stability, market operation and other reasons. The market share of Sheng GE lags far behind that of Santoni in July 2004. Sheng GE announced its participation in Ronaldi Group of Italy, where Santoni Company is located. With the help of the group’s overall resources, the market sales of Sheng GE seamless apparel knitting machines have improved slightly. Italy’s Santoni company is second to none in the world’s seamless knitting machine manufacturing field. Up to now, the full range of seamless machines of Santoni includes more than 20 models, from the earliest simple single-sided Josie knitting machine series SM4 to the single-sided Josie knitting machine series SM8 and double-sided Josie knitting machine series SM9. 

Including now widely used SM8-C.F., SM8-V.E., SM8—T0P2, etc., whose barrel diameter ranges from 254.0 mm to 457.2 mm (10 “~ 18”) and machine number ranges from 16 to 34 needles/25.4 mm.

Since the first seamless knitting machine was developed by Santoni Company in 1988. The company has been developing continuously, and its products account for about 90% of the world’s machines, among which the sales volume has increased most rapidly in recent 5 ~ 6 years. It can be said that Santoni has a monopoly position in the industry. These seamless knitting machines are mainly used to produce women’s seamless activewear and underwear, accounting for about 46% of the total equipment, men’s seamless clothing accounting for 21% and sportswear accounting for 23%.

Brief Introduction of
Seamless Clothing Knitting Process

Seamless clothing is basically worn close to the body and directly touch the skin, so the feeling of wearing is particularly important. Nylon & spandex, nylon & polyester & spandex, polyester & elastane, nylon & cotton (or Modal) & elastane, etc. all have good moisture absorption and antistatic sex after special dyeing processes, and their protein composition is similar to human skin, so it is soft and comfortable.

Although the cellulose fiber such as cotton hemp also is natural fiber, hygroscopic performance is right, regard seamless knitwear as comfortable also, but their softness and tactility are far inferior to super high quality seamless activewear.

A brief introduction of seamless garment weaving technology.
1, Weaving/ knitting equipment and parameters
  • The equipment

The sm8-TOP2 seamless knitting circular machine produced by SANTONI, Italy, is widely used by seamless activewear manufacturers in China at present. It is a single-sided once-forming computerized knitting jacquard machine with eight paths of yarn, and each path has two independent jacquard point (i.e., needle picker). Each path can carry out 3 levels of weaving at the same time (i.e., at the same time select needles for forming loops, collecting loops and lines).

  • Parameters

Electronic seamless apparel circular knitting machine with barrel diameter of 30-40cm(12-16 inches); The speed of 110 r/min; Needle selector for each 2; The feeding path is 8. Knitting circular machine capacity is 2.2KW, suction motor power is 3.9KW; The yarn guide is 8 / channel (in practical application can be less than 8).

2, Pre-knitting Process

Let’s take the example with silk yarn production way to talk about pre-knititng process.

Because the silk has sericin, and high rigidity. It is easy to appear brittle broken and missing needles and other defects when weaving, so it needs to be dealt a bit before weaving.

If the twisted silk manufactured by the general polyester factory is used, it needs to go through the following processing: the twisted raw silk is placed in the solution containing softening agent (such as ENS-I) and foaming agent (such as HV-302), bath ratio 1:20, temperature 40-50℃ for 18 hours, after drying, winding, and then on the machine weaving.

If the simple raw silk directly provided by the factory is used, it is necessary to put the raw silk in a barrel in a vacuum container containing the treatment solution (generally, the solution of Swire oil with bath ratio of 1:10, 109/L) at room temperature, so that the treatment solution can quickly penetrate into the inner layer of the coil and the inside of the sericin, and the machine is woven after processing.

3, Programming

Then, deal with program design. After determining the number of nozzles and paths, the program is programmed in the special programming system according to the choice of nozzles and paths, and attention should be paid to timely refueling and air suction programming design.

The selection of nozzles should be determined according to the performance of the machine itself. The front nozzles are in the inner layer and the back nozzles are in the outer layer. When weaving the fabric covered with one material and another material, the sand nozzles should be appropriately selected according to the needs.

4, Run on the machine

After the program is prepared, the machine began to debug, in this process should strictly control the size, repeated modification of the program, until reaching the requirements.