how to choose hoody

How To Choose Hoody

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How to choose hoody?

Nowadays, hoodies are still essential for creating a sporty look, and today’s styles are more diverse, catering to different people’s needs. While hoodies are versatile, they’re important to look for when you want to stand out in a crowd and make a statement about your style. Today, we are going to talk about how to choose hoody?

how to choose hoody

Take advantage of the characteristics of the version

The change of the hoodie’s version has always been the focus of the fashion circle. Since the success of the Oversize style in hoodies in 2015, the loose version has become the trend of choice.

1, Loose or fit

The biggest characteristic of the loose version is that it can make the shape more outstanding, and the loose effect can also cover up the small belly of the slightly fat partner. If the figure is short, it is necessary to control the length of the hem, otherwise, it is easy to cause the proportion imbalance.

In ADDITION TO THE CHANGE OF BUST AND dress length IN the version, the change of shoulder point can also change the style of the style, the design of the falling shoulder is more relaxed and easy-going than the conventional version, lower also to the requirement of body shape.

The regular fitted version shows off the perfect body shape. Although the fitted hoodie is similar to the rest of the coat at the shoulder point, it is also comfortable to wear because of the knit fabric and can be stylish with a pair of overalls.

2, Choice of color

Hoodies come in a variety of colors, with bright colors like orange, red or fluorescent green used in hoodies that no other coat can match in color. Color has always been the key to styling, and you can make your styling different through the choice of color.

Classic black and white

To be on the safe side, the black style is the first choice, but don’t think that black is very versatile and think that its fashion sense will be reduced. A simple black style with jeans and Chelsea boots makes it outstanding enough.

Simple white can also make your autumn and winter styles trendy and youthful. In autumn and winter, there are not many choices of white coats, and the style of hooded sweaters is worth recommending. It is very versatile whether it is paired with jeans or sports pants.

Bright colors are more personal

Bright colors are essential for fashion ICONS. Although the brightness and purity of colors are high, they can still maintain good versatility. This makes hoodies of bright colors also popular in the fashion circle, and the shape created is more youthful and energetic.

Matching cargo pants and trendy sneakers is the style that young fashion lovers love. Matching colors with socks and hoodies completes the look. This pairing technique works well with all styles.

There will be surprises when using a bright hooded hoodie to build the inner shape. Doing the inner shape is equal to reducing the area of bright color so that the shape is easier to control, but the shape appears very rich no matter from the sense of layers and the overall tone, so the visual effect of the shape is naturally better.

3, Selection of fabrics for sweaters

When customizing clothes, we should comprehensively consider the comfort and the rapid moisture absorption and perspiration function of fabrics, especially soft and stretchable clothes, such as sweaters made of cotton, wool, and cashmere, which should keep comfortable, straight, and not weak, and at the same time avoid the moisturizing and sticky feeling of ordinary products, and add softeners to achieve a comfortable effect.

4, Selection of clothing details

In the process of customizing clothing, we should pay attention to whether there are any defects in the details of the clothing, including whether the accessories fall off or are not firm, whether the drawstring is convenient to adjust, whether there are washing marks on the clothing, and whether the information on the protective label is complete.

how to choose hoodies


Style of Hoody

Classic black hoody

Black is that timeless hue for jackets and hoodies that men love to wear for a long time. And when it comes to hood jackets or hoodies, black is a suave choice to sport. Pick your favorite denim jeans, gray trousers, or beige pants to pair with your smart black hoody for a fashionable look. You can also choose black trousers for a dashing all-black look to impress the ladies with your uber-cool style statement.

Dynamic gray hoody

A hoody in a sober gray shade is perfect for streetwear. The gray tinge looks elegant and charming for a hood jacket. Want to wear something crisp in the cold weather? Then, simply put on a trendy gray hoody over your jeans or black pants and a casual tee to catch your eyes with a fresh and contemporary look.

Kicky red hoody

Want your hooded outfit to create a buzz? Then, a snazzy red hoody is the ideal outerwear for you. Pair it with a white t-shirt and denim trousers for a hunky look that women are sure to drool over. Get ready to be the dashing heartthrob in town wearing your red hot hoody and be on fire!

Sassy blue hoody

Most men like to wear cool blue when it comes to hoodies and jackets. Whether it’s a hoody in light blue shade or dark blue color, you can wear a fun blue hoody any day to make a neat and smart fashion statement. Pick your soothing beige trousers to sport with it to achieve a classy and nonchalant look that always seems to attract people toward you.

Happening magenta hoody

Want to wear a hoody in a fun and exciting shade? Then, we say, you try out a stylish magenta hoody with your white tee and black trousers to flaunt a magnetic look when you step outside. You’re sure to rock this chic outfit combo effortlessly as the fabulous hoody color will make you stand out from the rest!

Appealing neon green hoody

Neon green is a unique color for men’s hoodies that has turned out to be quite popular these days. You can confidently pair a hoody in an eye-catching neon green shade with your light blue jeans to appear as a stud! The color choice will not only look bold and modish but also reflect your fashion-forwardness to experiment with the latest trends.

What matters should the skin pay attention to when it is easy to be allergic?

If the skin is sensitive, it is recommended to avoid choosing wool, man-made fiber, or anti-wrinkle materials hoodies, because its characteristics or components are easy to cause irritation and discomfort to the skin. In addition, we should also pay attention to the cleaning and storage of clothes to avoid dust mites or dirt accumulation.


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