Wholesale backless halter sports bra

Backless halter sports bra wholesale manufacturers provide you( Exclusive Label/ OEM and Personal Label/ OEM design) personalized snappy, textile material, material gsm, color, dimension, patterns or logo design, tag, mark, packaging, and so on

Custom backless halter sports bra wholesale manufacturer

Comfort: The hanging neck design can disperse the weight on the chest, reduce pressure on the shoulders and back, and provide comfort during exercise. At the same time, the open back design can increase breathability and reduce sweat accumulation, reducing the dampness during exercise.

Protective: The hanging neck style open back sports bra can provide chest protection, avoiding chest shaking and damage caused by intense exercise.

Sportiness: The hanging neck open back sports bra is made of sweat-absorbing and breathable materials, which can quickly absorb and expel sweat from the body. At the same time, it has a certain degree of elasticity and support, which can prevent chest shaking, provide better support, and ensure a comfortable sports experience.

Fashionable: The hanging neck style backless sports bra features a unique design that highlights the lines of the shoulders and neck, adding beauty and fashion.

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