Custom Offline Ribbed Seamless Sports Bra

Custom Offline Ribbed Seamless Sports Bra Manufacturer provides you( Exclusive Label/ OEM and Personal Label/ OEM design) personalized snappy, textile material, material gsm, color, dimension, patterns or logo design, tag, mark, packaging, and so on. Also, you can put your own private logo onto our existing items and colors, please find us to request a catalog via the contact us page!

Custom Offline Ribbed Seamless Sports Bra Supplier for your own fitness line!

These offline ribbed seamless sports bras are made of Four-way stretch with the characteristic of elastic waistband and Precision-knitting and dyeing as well as ironing. 

At present, we have 9 colors in total, but you can choose your own color at :


Research shows that women have no muscle in their breasts and that they are held up by their suspensory ligaments. The bosom is in undertaking curving motion process, can cause impact to breast organization ceaselessly. For every mile a woman runs, her bobbing chest moves 134 meters. By wearing a professional sports bra, the damage can be minimized by running a 21km half marathon and moving your chest 1,750 meters.

What are the benefits of sports bras, besides reducing the risk of breast damage during exercise?

  • The main material of sports underwear is high-performance fabric, which has better air permeability, moisture absorption, and perspiration, and can reduce the irritation of sweat to the skin.
  • Sports bras also have wider straps and thicker padding, which reduces the impact on the shoulders.
  • The hooks, buttonholes and bottom lines of the bra are often lined to reduce skin friction.
  • Seamless sports bras even have seams removed from the cups so that running a marathon won’t irritate your nipples.

If wearing a sports bra is so important, what should we to choose seamless sports bras?

Women who love to work out need to pay attention to support. Most professional sports bras are labeled light, medium, or high support. General indoor light exercise, jumping running intensity is not big, can be selected according to personal preference; Indoor yoga, pilates, light or moderate support is enough, jogging is generally recommended to choose moderate support sports underwear; As for muay Thai, HIIT, and other aerobic interval exercises, the need for heavy support sports underwear, in case of insufficient support when the exercise intensity is too high.

  • Offline Ribbed Seamless Sports BraOffline Ribbed Seamless Sports BraOffline Ribbed Seamless Sports BraOffline Ribbed Seamless Sports Bra

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bullet proof vest

yoga backless top

yoga crop tank

bullet proof vest


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