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Where is ECHT manufactured? Most ECHT manufacturers are based in China. Many clients want to make 100% the same designs and fabrics with ECHT, but to be frank, a real ECHT manufacturer can’t do this, they can’t release the original designs to any other customers. Every honest factory should not reveal the original design of its customers to others, which is related to the basic ethics of the enterprise, regardless of whether the two parties have signed a confidentiality agreement (NDA).

ECHT is a cutting-edge as well as on-trend energetic wear garments firm concentrating on economical efficiency as well as leisure-based clothing. We maintain our activewear fresh and also brand-new with our layouts group producing enjoyable, streamlined and also initial styles– launching brand-new designs nearly each week.

At ECHT their adage is Engineered for the Modern Professional athlete -an adage which our team believe in and also function in the direction of everyday by offering limitless garments that can be used throughout the day– from the health club to breakfast to the stores without endangering on convenience, sturdiness, or design.

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2 Easy Solutions
for Your Seamless Garment Project

Which scheme do you prefer? Kindly compare our SUPER MOQ with other factories!

#1, Customize new designs
Find you a Money-saving, Worry-free, but High-end customized seamless clothing manufacturing solution.
Option #1
#2, Your logo on our stock designs
We'll help you print your logo on our more than 100 existing designs. Small order acceptable, MOQ=1piece.
option #2

Who Knows Our Quality?

Many big brands have a strict quality control management system, which reflects the product quality and service level of a supplier.

What They Say:

"We want you to revise the goods quality of the other suppliers in China. We trust your quality mark."
"And we want everything to be as good as your production."
"I received the items and they are all amazing. They look very good."
"All the clothes look so good!"