Multifunctional seamless wear

The original multifunctional seamless wear manufacturer from China provides the seamless wear various features. Cool feeling fiber, Micro fiber, Flame retardant fiber, Cut resistant fiber, Coffee carbon fibre, ANION fiber, Anti-pilling fiber, Dope dyed fiber, Antibacterial fiber, Clouds fiber, HERBALDYE fabric, etc.
Multi functional seamless wear tube prices will be affected by the order quantity, the final selection of the functional yarn material quality. Let us learn your needs & reasonable price will be provided!

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2 Easy Solutions
for Your Seamless Garment Project

Which scheme do you prefer? Kindly compare our SUPER MOQ with other factories!

#1, Customize new designs
Find you a Money-saving, Worry-free, but High-end customized seamless clothing manufacturing solution.
Option #1
#2, Your logo on our stock designs
We'll help you print your logo on our more than 100 existing designs. Small order acceptable, MOQ=1piece.
option #2

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