how to style the crop tops

How to style crop tops

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Hi, girls. Today we’re going to talk about fashion.

Nowadays people are obsessed with fashion and beautiful clothes. A large number of fashion bloggers have also appeared on the Internet. They mostly share their experience and tips on how to dress.

The function of clothes is not only to keep warm and cover the body but also to be beautiful. What’s your favorite dress, girls? I personally have a favorite fashion item-crop top. There are crop tops of various styles and colors in my wardrobe.

How to style crop tops

When summer comes, I put out my crop tops to wear. I also think about what kind of clothes to match crop tops. I always collect suggestions from bloggers. Then combined with my own experience, I summed up a dressing technique.

  • Choose simple crop tops

Try to choose a simple style and color crop tops. Based on my years of experience, crop tops in simple colors and styles are easy to match with other clothes. For example, the color of my crop tops is generally very simple, mainly white, black, and gray. Of course, mine are just some suggestions. Most importantly, you should choose the clothes that you like.

how to match a crop top

  • Wide-leg pants

I have a variety of colors of crop tops. I often pair them with wide-leg pants of the same color. Firstly, I think it makes you look powerful. Moreover, matching colors elongates our proportions. Finally, proper exposure to belly skin will make us appear small waist.

I think this dress technique is especially suitable for the upper body slim girls. If you have a girl with such a figure, please don’t worry. You can wear a crop top and a pair of wide-leg pants. In a word, this outfit is to play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.

I’m the figure myself. So, I really like it. It gives a visual sense that I’m in good shape.

Also, you can opt for wide-leg pants with a high waist. I usually go for high-waisted wide-leg pants. The effect will be much better. This will give you better proportions and make your legs look longer. So, I really like it.

  • Leggings

If you are a fitness fanatic. If you work out for a long time to get a perfect body. If you think about showing people your training in your daily life. Crop tops and leggings are your best bet. Leggings are also a popular element these days. It’s now easy to spot celebrities and Internet celebrities wearing crop tops with leggings. Such a combination is already their daily wear.

This outfit can perfectly show off your body curves and show off the feminine charm. You can also choose to wear crop tops with seamless yoga pants. This can be worn for everyday wear, as well as for sportswear.

how to style crop tops

  • Short pants

If you think it’s too hot to wear long pants on a hot summer day, you can wear short pants. I think a great combo is a white crop top with denim shorts. This combination is absolutely beautiful and fashionable.

First of all, shorts with crop tops are definitely cool and comfortable, which is definitely suitable for the very hot summer months. Secondly, such a combination will appear more lively youth. crop tops with shorts look younger and more playful.

how to style a crop top

  • Short skirt

It’s a similar effect to shorts, but I think the most different thing is that short skirts are a little bit more girly and feminine. I really like this outfit, too.

  • Long skirt

If you feel like the front is not working for you and you want to be a little more mature. Then I suggest you wear crop tops with a long skirt. First of all, a long skirt is ladylike and looks very gentle. This gentleness will blend perfectly with the playful cuteness of crop tops. I think this kind of dress is very temperament. If you want to be a gentle and graceful girl, I suggest you adopt this combination. I like to dress like this when I go shopping with my girlfriends.

how to match crop tops

  •  Suit jacket

Does that sound weird? Suits are usually worn for work on formal occasions, while crop tops are a bit more casual. How can the two go together? In fact, a suit jacket with crop tops is a very fashionable outfit nowadays. Even many working women like to do this. Because this kind of dress will appropriately expose the skin of the abdomen, will break the original dull feeling.

For example, in the street shot, we can see many women wearing a white crop top, black suit jackets, and a pair of black suit pants. What’s more, these women look powerful and stylish.

  • Sweatpants

Sweatpants with crop tops are also a favorite of mine. I usually choose a simple white crop top with a pair of orange sweatpants. Unlike wide-leg pants, sweatpants with a cinched collar make you look more energetic. And the color collocation also has my mind in it. First of all, choose single white crop tops, which will make people look very clean. Then another pair of bright gargle sweatpants, another eye-catcher. Every time I go out like this, I get a lot of compliments. So I feel confident in myself.

how to style girls' crop tops

  • Knitted cardigan

If you still want to wear crop tops in spring or autumn, I suggest you wear a Knitted cardigan. This outfit is both warm and stylish.

  • A suit

Nowadays, many clothing merchants like to produce suits. Sometimes I like to buy suits. I have selective difficulty. So it can help me save a lot of time in choosing clothes. If buying a suit, try to buy one that has design elements. Because if you choose clothes that are too ordinary, there will be no bright spot. However, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and suitable for what you wear.

Well, my friends, that’s all for today’s sharing. So let’s sum up what we’ve been talking about today. Today I mainly share my own ideas on how to match crop tops. If you have any other ideas you’d like to share with me, please feel free to comment. Then, if you’d like me to share something else, you can leave a comment below. I’ll share it with you in time. I hope you can enjoy my sharing and have a good time.


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