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Why is Pilates so expensive? Since I go to work, I have less exercise. Now I often feel tired. I think that’s because I often sit in front of the computer desk. I even noticed that my body was a little different. The fat on my belly is beginning to build up.

Do you have any questions about that? Then I asked my friends, and they recommended I go to Pilates. On their advice, I signed up for Pilates. But I do think Pilates is a little expensive compared to other sports. So, why is Pilates so expensive? Why do so many people take Pilates when it’s so expensive?

To answer these questions, let’s meet Pilates.

What is a Pilates?

First of all, what is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise that relaxes muscles throughout the body and improves control of the body’s trunk.

The history of Pilates

The sport has experienced nearly 100 years since its inception. The founder of Pilates is Joseph Hubertus Pilates. This gentleman has loved to exercise since he was a child. It’s the basis on which he created the sport. Through this gentleman’s own exploration, he gradually formed a systematic movement system.

This sport has not only helped him keep fit but also helped others to get fit.

Later, the gentleman immigrated to the United States. In America, he met his wife. Later, they set up Pilates Studios on Fifth Avenue in New York. The main right crowd at this time is famous dancers, actors, sports, and so on. He offers them unique and effective exercises. And they work out really well. Since then, Pilates has become a household sport.

Pilates is now suitable for more and more people. Many ordinary people also began to join the Pilates movement.


The benefit of Pilates
  • Safety

The actions of Pilates are relatively gentle. The advantage of Pilates is little damage to joints and muscles. For example, if you choose to run to lose weight, you must pay attention to the health of your knee joints. Although Pilates is a relatively static exercise, it can be good for us. Pilates can also make us relax our bodies. In a word, this sport not only exercises our body but also relaxes our mood.

  •   Build muscle

Pilates is an exercise that relaxes our muscles. When we do Pilates, our muscle groups get a good workout. When we sit for long periods of time and don’t exercise, our muscle groups don’t work. That’s the main reason why we get back pain. So, if you’re struggling with sore muscles, try Pilates. Pilates can help with muscle soreness.

  • Shape

If women are afraid that Pilates will make their muscles bigger and make them look less good. Actually, you don’t have to worry about that. The key to Pilates’s light machines is to perform multiple exercises with small weights.

This exercise has the advantage of increasing muscle tone without increasing muscle size. Pilates focuses on working our small muscle groups, especially those in the waist, abdomen, and hips. These are the muscle groups that women should focus on. In other words, Pilates has a shaping effect.

  • Enhance physical control

Pilates works for our muscle groups. So Pilates can increase our ability to control our bodies. Also, Pilates does some weight training, so we build up our strength.

  • Adjust posture and balance body

In our daily lives, we may be conditioned to stand and sit incorrectly. The incorrect posture of standing and sitting can do great harm to us. Pilates, however, can help us improve the situation. Pilates works our deep small muscle groups, which helps our body balance.


  • Keep healthy

Don’t forget that Pilates is a sport. It has an important benefit that it helps us keep our bodies healthy. If you’re trying to lose weight with Pilates, my advice is to combine cardio with Pilates. Because Pilates is about getting in shape, cardio helps with weight loss. But if you combine the two sports effectively, it works well. In the process of losing weight and shaping up. That’s double the joy. But it takes double effort.

Why is Pilates so expensive?

If you go to multiple Pilates studios, you’ll find that Pilates classes are a bit expensive. So here are my thoughts on why Pilates is so expensive.

  • The rent of the venue is expensive

Have you noticed how big Pilates is? That’s one of the reasons Pilates is expensive. Pilates studios are usually located in prosperous areas of the city. Then, Pilates studio space can be very expensive. The cost of renting a Pilates studio is high for two reasons: the space needs to be large and in a prosperous area.

  • Expensive equipment

Pilates is a sport with a high requirement of equipment. The equipment you see in Pilates studios is expensive. Also, for a Pilates studio, there are many of the same machines. In this way, the training requirements of the students can be met. So, Pilates is so expensive.


  • The cost of hiring instructors

Unlike other simple exercises, Pilates teachers are trained and tested over a period of time. In other words, it is hard to be a Pilates instructor. Another point is that Pilates is a niche sport, so the number of Pilates instructors is small. As the saying goes, scarcity is valuable. Pilates studios are very expensive in terms of hiring instructors.

  • High teaching cost

Pilates is an action-demanding sport. If your movements are not standard, you are likely to get hurt. When we do Pilates, the teacher is required to observe and guide us carefully. Therefore, an instructor can only bring a limited number of students. Usually, two or three.

And a Pilates class takes a long time. An instructor who can’t handle many students at once is increasing the cost of a Pilates education. At the same time, the length of the course is also increasing the cost of Pilates.


  • Good service

Instructors teach one-to-one or one-to-two. This is so that every student can be taken care of by the teacher.

  • Emotional value

Pilates is not only good for us physically, but it also provides us with the emotional value we need.

What to wear to Pilates

I don’t recommend wearing tight clothes. You can wear loose sports clothes. For girls, I suggest seamless sports bras and loose pants.

A similar exercise to Pilates is yoga. Have you ever thought about the difference between these two movements?

The differences between yoga and Pilates

why-is-Pilates-so-expensivewhy the Pilates classes are so expensive






  • Pilates and yoga have different origins

Pilates originated in Germany. Yoga originated in India.

  • Pilates and yoga are fundamentally different

Yoga focuses on conscious breathing and achieves harmony with nature. Pilates emphasizes the training of muscles and functions of the body.

  • Pilates and yoga breathe differently

Yoga requires the use of chest, and abdomen breathing is a complete breathing method. Pilates is breathing through the nose and through the mouth.

  • Pilates is different from yoga

Yoga emphasizes the softness of the body and enhances temperament. Pilates focuses on the process of completing an action, paying attention to the movement of muscles and breathing control.

More importantly, you will be sweating a lot, so don’t forget to bring a change of clothes and water.

Pilates is a great exercise. Pilates is expensive for reasons. I really recommend you try Pilates. I’ve already tried classes. I think the effect is pretty obvious. Now, I feel more and more energetic. And the mood is better. Everyone is welcome to comment. Have a good time.


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