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Nowadays, more and more people are seeking a healthy lifestyle, and exercise has become part of their daily life. This has also led to a growing demand for high-quality sportswear. Therefore, high quality activewear manufacturers are becoming more and more important in the market. In this article, we will explore how to choose a high-quality supplier.

What is high quality activewear?

High-quality Sportswear refers to sportswear with excellent quality and performance in terms of material selection, process manufacturing, design functions, etc. The following are the characteristics of high-quality Sportswear:

1. Material selection: high-quality Sportswear usually uses high-performance materials, such as Synthetic fiber with good air permeability, polyester with moisture absorption and sweat elimination, nylon with UV resistance, etc. These materials can provide a comfortable wearing feeling and effective moisture regulation.

2. Flexibility and fitness: high-quality Sportswear can provide good flexibility and extensibility to meet the needs of different sports. Appropriate tailoring and fit design make Sportswear fit the body curve, reducing unnecessary resistance and friction.

3. Breathability: When exercising, the body will generate a lot of heat, so breathability is one of the important attributes of high-quality Sportswear. Fabric with good breathability can promote air circulation, provide a good ventilation effect, improve comfort, and effectively eliminate moisture.

4. Sweat and moisture control: high-quality Sportswear usually has the function of sweat absorption and moisture removal, which can quickly absorb and eliminate sweat on the body surface, and maintain a dry and comfortable feeling. This helps reduce irritation and bacterial growth, avoiding unnecessary skin problems.

5. Functional design: high-quality Sportswear will be designed according to the needs of different sports, such as adding pockets for carrying small items, adding zippers or various buttons for easy on and off, adopting seamless technology to reduce discomfort, etc., to provide more practical and comfortable functions.

6. Durability: High-quality Sportswear usually adopts wear-resistant materials and a strong stitching process to ensure its durability, withstand frequent movement and washing, and is not easy to deform and fade.

In addition to the above features, high-quality Sportswear may also have other special functions, such as sun protection, wind protection, waterproofing, etc., to meet specific sports environments and needs. In short, high-quality Sportswear can provide excellent comfort, breathability, durability, and functionality, so that athletes can better enjoy sports and improve sports performance.

What is high quality activewear manufacturers?

High quality activewear manufacturers refer to those who can produce high-quality, high-performance, comfortable, and fashionable sports equipment, with strong enough production capacity, strong production equipment, skilled staff, high-quality raw materials, and cut and sew sports equipment through advanced manufacturing technology.

High quality activewear manufacturers can not only produce products with multiple functions but also produce products that reflect the brand concept and brand value. These manufacturers also provide customers with a variety of products and color combinations for their brands, so that customers can better integrate with their target customer markets.

In addition, high quality activewear manufacturers can also provide a fast production cycle, reliable delivery time, and excellent after-sales service to help brands succeed in the market.

high quality activewear manufacturers

What are the advanced fabric technologies used by high quality activewear manufacturers?

High quality activewear manufacturers use many advanced fabric technologies, some of which are common:

  • Moisture-wicking technology: This technology uses special fiber and yarn structures to quickly absorb sweat and expel it from the clothing surface, keeping the skin dry and comfortable. Common moisture-wicking fabrics include polyester, nylon, and polyester fibers.

high quality activewear manufacturers

  • Breathability technology: Breathable fabrics allow air and moisture to circulate, providing good air mobility to reduce the risk of overheating and moisture in the body. This technology is usually achieved through micropores, mesh, or porous structures, such as mesh fabrics and ventilation hole designs.

high quality activewear manufacturers

  • Elastic technology: high quality activewear manufacturers usually uses fabrics with excellent elasticity to provide a free and flexible range of motion. Elastic technology can be realized by adding Elastic fiber (such as spandex, or lycra) or weaving with elastic yarn.
  • Antibacterial technology: some high quality activewear manufacturers have introduced antibacterial technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria and odor. These techniques can be the interweaving of silver ions in fabrics, the addition of antibacterial agents, or the special treatment of fiber surfaces.

high quality activewear manufacturers

  • Sun protection technology: high quality activewear manufacturers often uses fabrics with sun protection functions to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. These fabrics are usually treated with UV absorbers or UV reflectors.

high quality activewear manufacturers

  • Quick drying technology: Some fabrics have the characteristics of rapid moisture absorption and rapid drying, which can quickly absorb sweat and evaporate. This technology helps to maintain dryness and reduce discomfort, such as fast-drying polyester and polyester fibers.
  • Heat adjustment technology: This technology can adjust the warmth and ventilation of the fabric according to the ambient temperature and Thermoregulation. It can be achieved by adjusting the fiber and fabric structure to provide a warm or cooling effect.

These advanced fabric technologies enable high quality activewear manufacturers to provide a comfortable, powerful, and sporting experience. According to different sports types and needs, manufacturers choose suitable fabric technology to produce high-quality Sportswear.

Factors to consider when selecting sportswear suppliers

Choosing the right sportswear manufacturer is the key to creating and operating a Sportswear brand. When selecting sportswear manufacturers, the following factors should be considered:

  • Production capacity and scale: Can it meet your production needs, including quantity and production cycle?
  • Experience and reputation: business history, industry reputation, customer feedback, and reference. Choose trustworthy, dedicated, and validated suppliers.
  • Manufacturing capability and technology: advanced equipment in the production line, proficiency of employees, product standardization, and quality inspection process.
  • Quality control: Is there a comprehensive quality control system that can produce high-quality products that meet brand standards?
  • Source of raw materials: source, value, reliability, and environmental protection level. Consider the quality, sustainability, and impact on workers and ecosystems of raw materials.
  • Communication and technical support: Check if the manufacturer can communicate and provide product technical support and after-sales service as you wish, which is crucial for producing high-quality products.
  • Price: Regardless of the price offered by the selected supplier, a supplier with reasonable, transparent, and fair prices can be selected.
  • Sustainable production: environmentally friendly and socially harmonious. Consider whether the supplier’s production process and materials used comply with fair trade and worker welfare standards.

How to cooperate with high quality activewear manufacturers?

Cooperation with high quality activewear manufacturers is a crucial part of building high-quality sports equipment brands. Here are some suggestions to help you establish a good partnership with high-quality Sportswear manufacturers:

  • Determine goals and expectations: Before starting any collaboration, you need to define clear goals and expectations to ensure that these goals represent your brand and business goals. Ensure measurable goals for monitoring achievement and correction.
  • Establish long-term partnership: establishing a long-term and stable partnership will help to establish a better partnership so that your manufacturers can better understand your brand positioning, design, and target customer base, as well as the details required for the production of Sportswear, so as to promote faster and better product innovation.
  • Establish good communication: Establishing frequent and transparent communication channels helps both parties understand each other’s needs and opportunities. Through a clear communication channel, issues and disputes can be resolved in a timely manner, as well as maintaining timely updates and joint tracking of project progress.
  • Maintain supplier relationships: Ensure that the relationship established with your manufacturer is appropriate while maintaining attention to the manufacturer’s needs and ensuring your legitimacy in any production process. This can be achieved by ensuring compliance with standards for worker rights, ecology, and sustainability while maintaining continuous quality control and voice.
  • Confirm quality standards: Before collaborating with manufacturers, you should ensure that you understand their quality control processes, standards, and practical methods. Ensure that the manufacturer meets your quality requirements and other standards, and is proficient in your brand needs and factory guidelines.
  • Establish cooperation methods: Establish appropriate order processes, including ordering instructions, procurement plans, timelines, delivery deadlines, and payment methods as the foundation for permanent cooperation.
  • Participating in the Common Benefit Program: Achieving a mutually beneficial outcome will help you and the manufacturer submit a shared contribution. The common benefit plan can include providing manufacturers with greater procurement volume, learning together to improve skills and endurance, and giving away social media resources.

high quality activewear manufacturers

High quality activewear manufacturers list



Founded in 2010, YOU CLOTHING CO., LTD.  is located in Haining, Zhejiang Province. It is only an hour’s drive from Shanghai and Hangzhou. It is a convenient place for you to visit and export goods with a modern factory building of 12000 square meters with over 150 employees and a daily production of 20000 seamless garments. The company has 110 of the world’s most advanced seamless circular knitting machines, most of which are the latest second and third-generation imported Italian Saint Toni FAST SPEED machines.

high quality activewear manufacturers

Main products: seamless activewear、sustainable activewear

Website: https://seamlessclothingmanufacturer.com/

Email: info@youseamless.com


2、Sansansun Sports

Sansansun Sports is a professional manufacturer of Sportswear, with two factories. Among them, there are over 50 sewing machines, over 50 Saint Tony knitting machines, and 8 designers. So far, the company has helped more than 2000 customers grow and develop.

high quality activewear manufacturers

Main products: seamless wear、activewear

Website: https://www.sansansports.com/

Email: Barbara@sansansunsports.com



Founded in 2014, Yokeey has been committed to meeting the global demand for customized Sportswear at a reasonable wholesale price.

high quality activewear manufacturers

Main products: Sportswear、workout clothes

Website: https://www.yokeey.com/

Email: info@yokeey.com


4、Activewear Manufacturer

Activewear Manufacturer, headquartered in the United States, is one of the most trusted brands in the world and is loved by thousands of wholesalers and retailers. The company is committed to bringing the best Sportswear and Sportswear to meet customer needs and expectations with the best quality and precise precision.

Main products: fitness clothes、swim wear、yoga clothes

Website: https://www.activewearmanufacturer.com/

Email: sales@activewearmanufacturer.com



The company provides you with the use of genuine recycled nylon and polyester ECONYL ® The manufacturing capability of fabrics can greatly strengthen your brand in your ecological awareness market. The company also provides customized designs for your different clients.

Main products:women‘s swim、men’s swim

Website: https://baliswim.com/

Phone: +62 813-3888-8585



The company is a Sportswear manufacturer located in Hangzhou, China. The company can produce high-quality Sportswear for your brand! The factory has gathered all the new fabrics and technologies. The entire team has received training on collaborating with well-known brands and athletes.

Main products: yoga pants、swim wear

Website: https://www.activewearproductions.com/

Phone: 0571-8602-1077


In general, high quality activewear manufacturers provide high-quality sportswear for athletes, improve sports performance, enhance the wearing experience, and establish a reputation and reputation in the market by focusing on the combination of quality, technological innovation, comfort, design, fashion, as well as brand value, and social responsibility. Their value lies in providing high-performance, fashionable, and reliable choices for athletes, helping them achieve better results in various sports activities, and achieving a healthy, comfortable, and sustainable sports experience.


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